10 Circus 25mm Round NFC Tag/Sticker (white backing) – Quality SMARTRAC NXP NTAG203

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These are the most compatible NFC tags for all mobile devices that exist today with great range and excellent reliability.

They will be supplied in a strips of 10 tags.

The SMARTRAC 25mm Circus NXP NTAG213 is one of the newest NFC tags available and of the highest quality. It has significantly improved performance over previous tags such as the Ultralight, Ultralight C and Mifare 1K. It offers 144 bytes of unformatted user memory and a reading distance of up to 10cm.

They can be made read-only and are compatible with all current NFC enabled devices and read/writers. These tags are pre-formatted by the manufacturer to the NDEF Type 2 standard and have 137 characters available after formatting.

The SMARTRAC Circus tag is now one of the most popular NFC tags for posters and printed material as it is reliable and has a powerful antenna. These Tags have a white backing to neatly adhere to the back of posters or other printed goods making them a low cost option to make any printed material instantly NFC enabled.

The technical details:
Protocol : ISO 14443 A
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Antenna size: 23mm / 0.91 inch
Integrated Circuit (IC) : NXP NTAG203
Die-cut diameter : 25mm
Thickness of the IC : 120 um
For use on non-metallic surfaces only

Circus NFC key features:
Excellent inlay for contactless NFC, access control and Limited Use Ticketing with existing 14443 A infrastructure
High reliability with stable performance for tokens and NFC stickers and smart posters
Top performer with ideal size to performance ratio for mobile devices
1152 bit / 144 bytes of user memory with unique 7 byte serial number

  • 25MM Round
  • Compatible with all mobile phones
  • NXP NTAG203 chip
  • Best NFC tag for mobiles
  • In stock and sent immediately
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