20 Black NFC Tags – 20 NTAG213 Stickers by Tagstand, Compatible with all NFC-capable phones

THESE TAGS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL NFC ENABLED DEVICES AND READER/WRITERS. THEY CAN BE RE-WRITTEN THOUSANDS OF TIMES. This pack is a great way to get started with NFC using the Trigger app (download for free from Google Play) or an NFC Reader Writer. The kit comes complete with 20 Black Tagstand branded Type 2 NFC Stickers. These tags can store up to 144 bytes of user data which can be made read-only. Note: The Trigger App is able to associate tasks with a Unique ID (UID). This allows for larger sized tasks to be initiated without having to worry about the capacity of the tag. The stickers are 35mm by 35mm. Because these stickers contain no protective shielding, they work best in conditions where they are not placed directly on metal. In addition to providing a variety of NFC experimentation options, this kit also comes with the excellent customer service support associated with the Tagstand brand. Happy Tapping!

  • 20 Black NFC stickers with the snazzy Tagstand logo
  • 35mm x 35mm Type 2 NFC tags
  • All use the NTAG213 chip, with 144 bytes of available user memory.
  • Uses: The Tagstand Trigger app works great with these tags. The app allows you to program tags to carry out specific actions on your phone with nothing more than a simple tap.

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