40 pieces NFC tags, Includes 10 Anti metal protection layer, 20 NFC Tags NTAG216 Clear Stickers, 10 White Labels, 1 Epoxy hang tag water resistans, ALL Genuine Chip Developed by NXP Semiconductors, 888 Bytes Memory, Password Verification Protection, Ultrathin (0.75 m), Fast Read/Write/Lock, Compatible with all other NFC-enabled Phones and Tablets including Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Windows and Androied Phones.. etc

1- General description
NTAG216 has been developed by NXP Semiconductors as standard NFC tag ICs to be used in mass market applications such as retail, gaming and consumer electronics.
2- Memory
888 bytes user programmable read/write memory.
3-Communication & Connectivity
Communication to NTAG216 can be established only when the tag is positioned in the RF field (about 1cm from the NFC device/phone), the high speed RF communication interface allows the transmission of the data (read/write). Energy and data are transferred via an antenna consisting of a coil with a few turns which is directly connected to NTAG216. No further external components are necessary.
4- Security (can be protected by password) • 32-bit password protection to prevent unauthorized memory operations. • Manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID for each device. • Field programmable read-only locking function
5- Compatibility
NTAG216 provides full compliance to the NFC Forum Tag 2 Type technical specification and designed to work with all NFC devices or NFC compliant Proximity Coupling Devices).
• Smart advertisement • Goods and device authentication • Call request • SMS • Call to action • Voucher and coupons • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing • Connection handover • Product authentication • Mobile companion tags • Electronic shelf labels • Business cards
7- Limitation
iPhone: NFC readers in iPhone devices do NOT support any type of NFC tags yet.
On metal: Using standard products on metal surfaces, the NFC-functionality is not possible. In case of metal surfaces please use products from our “On metal” tags which has a protective layer.

  • Genuine NTAG216 chip developed by NXP Semiconductors, 888 Bytes Memory, Password verification protection, ultrathin, Fast Read/write/lock, High ScanStrength, 25mm Clear Film Face Stickers.
  • Can be used for, Smart advertisement, Goods and device authentication, Call request, SMS, Call to action, Voucher and coupons, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing , Connection handover, Product authentication, Mobile companion tags, Electronic shelf labels and Business cards.
  • Designed to work with all NFC devices or NFC compliant Proximity Coupling Devices including all other NFC-enabled phones and tablets e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, windows and Androied phones.. etc.

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