ASVP Shop® 3D Glasses Made from White Card with Red and Cyan Lenses Suitable for Films, TV, Magazines, Comic Books, Anaglyph Videos, Internet Videos and Pictures and More (Pack of 10)

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10 x Red/Blue (Cyan) Paper 3D Glasses. Use these 3D glasses to view anaglyph movies. These glasses can also be used to view 3D Prints, magazines, comic books, TV, Anaglyph Videos, photos on the Internet, videos on Youtube and publications. How to use these 3D glasses? We suggest using the analgyph feature on youtube which converts videos in a mode that will work on these 3D glasses. Flat and easy to store makes the glasses ideal to give to friends as well as adding to kids party bags. Popular video games such a Minecraft are also available in a 3D analyph mode. 3D glasses make the movie or television show you’re watching look like a 3-D scene that’s happening right in front of you. With objects flying off the screen and careening in your direction, and creepy characters reaching out to grab you, wearing 3-D glasses makes you feel like you’re a part of the action – not just someone sitting there watching a movie. Considering they have such high entertainment value, you’ll be surprised at how amazingly simple 3-D glasses are. How Do 3D Glasses Work? Although the red/green or red/blue system is now mainly used for television 3-D effects, and was used in many older 3-D movies. In this system, two images are displayed on the screen, one in red and the other in blue (or green). The filters on the glasses allow only one image to enter each eye, and your brain does the rest. You cannot really have a color movie when you are using color to provide the separation, so the image quality is not nearly as good as with the polarized system.

  • 4 x Red Blue (Cyan) 3D Paper Glasses – Anaglyph lens
  • View 3D Prints, magazines, comic books, TV, Anaglyph Videos, 3D videos on YouTube
  • The paper 3D glasses are light weight, folded and easy to carry
  • High quality anaglyph 3D lens to ensure you get the best 3D experience
  • Brand new, prefolded into a plastic sleeve ideal for parties, events or giveaways ideal for if you looking for 3D glasses in bulk or wholesale