DURAGADGET High Quality, Anti-Static Lens Blower & Camera Lens Clear Pen for the NEW Ultrasport UmovE HD 60 Sport and Action Camera

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Introducing our brand new, premium quality dust blower for your action camera, crafted from a soft-touch rubber and designed to provide an intense cleaning experience for your valuable device. The dust blower works by pushing air into the hard-to-reach camera ports, removing dust and dirt and preventing damaging build-ups on the lens and screen.

With a super-soft and gentle exterior, this cleaning utensil effectively cleanses your camera without damaging any of the delicate camera components. A super-thin nozzle ensures a great fit for all of your camera ports and the lightweight and ultra-portable accessory can be easily transported with the rest of your kit – ideal for any photographer.

  • Premium quality dust blower for your valuable action camera, crafted from a soft-touch rubber
  • Easily removes dust and dirt from those hard-to-reach mini ports and prevents damaging build-up
  • Super-soft and gentle to provide a great camera cleanse without damaging the fragile camera components
  • Made of a highly-flexible rubber material for folding up and expanding so it is easy to store
  • Ultra-thin nozzle gets into all of the difficult-to-reach areas for the ultimate cleaning experience