FOME Titanium NFC Signature Ring, NFC Smart Ring 2 for NFC Android WP System Phones (White(Size 11)) + FOME GIFT

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FOME Titanium NFC Signature Ring, NFC Smart Ring 2 for NFC Android WP System Phones (White (Size 11)) + FOME GIFT

The intelligent magic ring is a Wearable electronic components, operate the mobile function and share the data by NFC wireless frequency communication technology , the functions of the advanced design as following: APP lock, Operate the mobile script, share business card, share internet link, share the text and share online file. The product shape is designed according to the international popular elements, created by the pure medical titanium, no need for any external power energy, high waterproof, and suitable for any people at any time.

Frequency: 13.56MHZ
Range to cover: 1.5cm
Work temperature: -50~+80 C
Waterproof grade: IP68
Main material: Titanium gold, 18k rose gold, electronic components

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic components Structure: Place of crystal diamond is palm area, the other side of ring is hand back area, different areas for the different functions of application ( put on correctly to ensure the place of diamond is in the center of finger guarantee the best read-write function of each magic ring area chip.
There are 4 sizes available for the users to choose according to fingers£¬please kindly inform us which size you need when you make the order.(The sizes below are inner size of the rings)
Size 8 (Circumference 57.1mm)
Size 9 (Circumference 60mm)
Size 10 (Circumference 62.8mm)
Size 11 (Circumference 66mm)

Package included:
1 x FOME Signature Ring

  • Lock and unlock your Smart phone or tablet quickly, hide the app when you leave your smart phone alone. You can lock the programs that contain privacy information, People cannot find the app that you locked without the smart ring to unlock.
  • Share & Transfer information (send the private message/Picture/business card/ website link to the person you want to share by a simple touch)
  • Control Applications (you can write a fixed process list ahead of the time, and the ring will start the applications each time by simply touch. For example: firstly, you would like to open the Bluetooth connection function to connect to the Bluetooth speaker in your room, then, open the music application, in the end, send the message to the person automatically and so on )
  • Water Resistant and No charging required
  • The perfect combination of fashion and technology. Two kinds of crystal diamond for man and woman.