HQ VHS-C Video Cassette Adaptor

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Ex-Pro VHS-C to VHS Camcorder Cassette Adapter MECHANICAL (Not Suitable for 8mm tapes etc). This adapter makes it possible to record on or view VHS-C cassettes using all VHS video recorders. The loading and unloading of the tape into and out of the adapter takes place when the shutter is closed via mechanical feeder. This adaptor will accept any VHS-C format compact video cassette tapes for recording or playback and fits into a standard VCR. [Adapter is NOT suitable for 8mm Tapes]. 1 Year Manufacture Defect Warranty. [1 X AA Battery required, not included]

  • Play your VHS-C Camcorder cassette on your Video Recorder/Player
  • Automatically loads & unloads your VHS-C cassettes at a touch of a button
  • Allows you to play or record onto a VHS-C Cassette
  • Uses 1x AA Battery
  • Ideal for VHS-C Camcorder users
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