IIEasy Portable Digital USB Cassette Audio Music Player and Converter Tape-To-MP3 Player with USB Cable and Software Cd Also Features Auto Reverse – FOR PC

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If you have some old nostalgic tapes you want to back up, quickly, easily and with good quality then select the Arrela USB Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter.

■ Change the Power mode through the AA/USB Switch. USB port is suitable for all 5V DC adapter, or connect it with PC
■ Insert a USB Flash Drive directly to the device using battery; if connect the USB Flash Drive to the device with the USB cable, it should be connected in the way as Picture 4 shows
■ On the front is record and playback control panel. Recording must be done under the playing process
■ When connected to power supply, the indicator light turns green. Press the “OII” button. The flashing green right indicates that the convert is on process. Press the “OII” button again, convert process ends
■ The converter will formed a file named “FV0001.MP3″ in “TAPEMP3″ folder, and be formed in the orders of the final number in the folder after
■ You could directly play the files of the USB drive through Playback Control System. And you could estimate the record directly. This could help you avoiding repeated operation


■ The USB Flash Drive must be FAT Format
■ Please try to keep quiet, because the sound of environment may be recorded
■ Some parts of old tapes may have some flaws, which may cause the recording process to stop and cannot generate a file. Please check the reason if you record some tape but failed
■ The Playback function is to check whether the record is success and volume size. If you want to verify the MP3 effect, it is suggested to use computer or a MP3 player

  • Convert old mix tapes and cassette to MP3 through USB flash disk
  • Plug and Play USB device, no drivers and no computer required. With playback function, easily check the recorded file.
  • Audio output enables you to listen on your headphones, or other speaker system.
  • Built-in battery/USB-powered operation, 3.5mm earphone jack (2 x AA batteries not included)
  • Note: the flash drive should be FAT format