Jayfi JA40 Stereo Metal In Ear Headphones Bass Noise Isolating Earbuds Earphones with Mic Aviation Aluminum Black

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About the Jayfi

Jayfi gathers requirements from the headphone enthusiasts and found bass headphones enthusiasts occupy a large proportion.
As a start,Jayfi industrial design team analyzed the bass mainstream products,and draw a self-developed bass curve based on these data.
Finally,with months of debugging,Jayfi created the D9 unit which is make the bass headphones enthusiasts feel a huge shocking.
Besides,Jayfi with repeated many times experiments,create the best cavity structure to D9 unit,these masterpiece to create the great JA40.
JA40′s frequency response curve is same as classic sinusoidal,the low frequency get a bit of stronger than the high frequency for keep the bass running well and ensuring high-frequency to be clear.
For example, when you enjoying the performance of playing guitar,after the string’s volatility, you can clearly hear aftershocks’s voices and it will be quite flexible.
The ability of separate different type musical is pertty well,when you enjoy the symphony in the high-quality conditions,you can quickly locate the different position of the musical instrument,make the sound more excellent, crystal and clear,multisized eartips for a complete fit.
JA40 insisted on not wasting too much money on appearance.
There is only one thing is important,to keep the music quality in hightst levels.
Jayfi believe JA40 will cater to your extreme sense of hearing.

Technical Details

Compatible System:ANDROID Windows Phone iOS
Sensitivity: 118dB/mW
Applicable type of music: Metal Rock bass
Frequency range: 20-20Hz
Wearing styles: in ear
Headphone type: Wired
The microphone: with mic
Headset Service:1 year warranty
Plug Diameter: 3.5mm
Headphone plug type: straight type
Cable length: 1.2±0.3m
Headphones category: in-ear headphones
Brand: Jayfi

  • 9.2MM DYNAMIC UNIT:9.2mm dynamic speaker systems with powerful neodymium magnets ensure outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity.
  • FULL METAL HOUSING: It is more corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, solider and durabler than traditional metal headphones;Special alloy can transmit HD sound with great improved effect. It can spread the sound signal as far as possible to the ear;It is very suitable for electronic music, DJ and heavy metal rock music.
  • POWERFUL BASS:With combinations of overall shaping we improved the sound quality of the bass and HIFI through the tuning process;We maximize the bass effect. Clear and authentic sound reproduction is perfect right down to the last detail;The special conductive alloy housing, the unique design of cavity and the excellent dynamic unit enhance its HD sound significantly.
  • REMOTE CONTROL COMPATIBLE SYSTEM: ANDROID Windows Phone iOS,Chrome plated plug, let the 3.5MM plug to be more durable.
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