Keple Retractable USB Charger Cable Lead for SAMSUNG ETERNITY A867 (SGH-A867)

With this compact and light retractable cable by Keple, you will be able to recharge your Samsung phone in total freedom as long as you have your PC/laptop nearby. Connect one end to your device and the USB end to PC /laptop or any oter device with USB port. Simply pull apart to open, pull gently again and it will automatically retract back for easy storage. Please pull gently and loosen slowly to protect the product. Keple product is specifically designed as replacements for the manufacturers original charger. The product comes in a plain, non-retail packaging in order to minimise emissions during transportation.

  • Small. Portable design
  • Lightweight and retractable. Control your cable length when connecting your Samsung phone. No more tangled cable mess
  • Versatile. Supports PC/MAC and any other device with USB
  • Safe. CE / RoHS / FCC Certified
  • Long. 2.6 feet (0.8m)

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