LAYEN i-DOCK Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Adaptor / Receiver + Multi-Pair (Pair Two Devices!) + aptX (Superior Sound!) Stream Music Wirelessly From Your Bluetooth Device; iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, MP3 Player, PC, Laptop to Docking Station/Stereo (Not Suitable for Cars – See Below)

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The LAYEN i-DOCK is our most premium 30 pin Bluetooth Music Receiver – now with Multi-Pair feature. Connect to two devices at once! Listen to your music wirelessly and control it from anywhere within a 10-12m radius (and even through walls!).

- Remembers up to 8 devices
– aptX Technology; the i-DOCK 4.1 delivers the full quality of a ‘wired’ connection
– Low audio coding delay – minimising latency (and occasional ‘lip-sync’ issues)
– Automatic re-pairing – no need to pair after each use
– 30 pin connection, no separate charging required
– Multi-Pair – connect to two devices!
– Stream music direct from your device or via iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc!

Quality Wireless Music at Minimal Cost

This premium music receiver comes at a fraction of the price of a new Bluetooth dock. CRYSTAL clear sound. You will be amazed at how quickly (and with such ease) this brilliant little receiver will transform the way you listen to your music.

Stream Music from your Bluetooth Device to your Home Sound System

The i-DOCK is compatible with a large number of Docks and Speakers including (but not limited to) Bose; Roberts; Gear4; Sony; Cambridge Audio; Kitsound, Logic3 and JBL. Note: the LAYEN i-DOCK will not work if your dock only accepts a digital signal (most docks work fine). Not compatible with Bowers and Wilkins, Yamaha or Bang and Olufsen. For these brands please buy the LAYEN AudioStream, LAYEN Bluetooth Chilli Plug or contact us for another solution

Will not work in most cars. For 30pin connectors in vehicles your stereo must be able to select Auxiliary / AUX from the 30pin connection otherwise the receiver will not work – if not check out the LAYEN AudioStream for your car

Please see the LAYEN website for more info

LAYEN Looking After Your Every Need

  • The latest verion of the BEST SELLER – the LAYEN i-DOCK… Now with Multi-Pair! Connect to two devices at once – e.g. your iPhone and your iPad – control the music from either! This is our premium 30 pin receiver. Stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device to your existing sound system, docking station or speakers through this small but brilliant receiver. Slim, sleek and portable design that looks great in any docking station. With premium scratch proof casing
  • **** Multi-Pair / Dual-Pair **** – enables you to have 2 devices connected at once. E.g.: your Smartphone in the kitchen, and your iPad in the lounge. Whilst playing music from your Smartphone, you would pause it, then press play on the iPad, which will take over the music control (switch over takes approx. 3-5 seconds) … Transmission distance is 10m+ away and even through walls! Sound? – CD-like quality. Bluetooth 4.1 & better compatibility than most 30pin receivers on the market
  • Simple, quick, painless pairing AND no need to repair each time, the i-DOCK will remember your device! Just re-insert and it will connect automatically (you will need to leave your Bluetooth on). Remembers up to 8 different devices!
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices: iPhones, Smartphones, Samsung, iPods, iPads, Bluetooth Laptops etc. Compatible with various brands of docks, stereos and speakers; Bose, Roberts; Sony; Gear4, JBL, Logic3, Kitsound. Not compatible with Bowers and Wilkins, Yamaha or Bang and Olufsen – For these docks please purchase the LAYEN AudioStream, LAYEN Chilli Bluetooth Plug or alternatively contact LAYEN for a solution
  • Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR, Class 2 – A2DP & AVRCP – Audio/Video Remote Control Profile – aptX: the inclusion of aptX audio codec gives CD-Like quality stereo audio sent via Bluetooth. Multi-Pair: connect to two devices! Basically the i-DOCK 4.1 delivers the full quality of a ‘wired’ connection! Sound quality is simply the best available, would you want less? ****** Please note – in most cases will not work in cars ******