LG OLED65B6V 65 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 50 Hz TV

Welcome to the stunning feature packed LG OLED65E6V, LG have developed a stunning new OLED display, new for 2016 is LG’s Picture-On-Glass design, which mounts the panel directly to glass making the TV exceedingly thin at just 2.57mm including round transparent edges.Stunning 4K UHD delivered on an OLED screen cannot be compared to anything else, you will experience levels of black on the screen which are darker than ever before and whites so bright you won’t believe your eyes. Thanks to LG’s 4 colour WRGB (White, Red, Green & Blue) combined with the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which enables the TV to display shadow detail in the images previously unseen, the colour range and crispness of the display are so detailed and vibrant that you will truly believe you are part of the picture, not just watching it.LG have solved a problem that has been around since the age of the thin TV, sound quality, LG have teamed up with Harmon Kardon (A very respected audio systems manufacturer) to add a Soundbar stand to the base of the TV, with a powerful 40w and an impressive design, let the LG TV fill your room not just with stunning colour and crisp images, but with rich warm audio too.When it comes to browsing the internet or watching internet content on your TV, LG have added the latest version of their award winning system, webOS 3.0. It has an intuitive ribbon interface that allows you to select anything you want from the one screen, also giving access to favourites such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video and even Now TV (These services all require additional subscriptions)Navigating all of these fantastic Smart features has been made incredibly easy with the latest generation of LG’s Magic Remote, just point the remote at the screen and aim at what you would like to view, then with a click of the button you are away.

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