Mini USB Car Charger For GPS / Sat Nav Devices – Mio Moov | Navman | Spirit | Series (See Description for Compatible Devices)

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iZKA™ CE approved, ROHS Compliant certification Mini USB Car Charger For GPS / Sat Nav Devices

Compatible With:

Moov Series

Mio Moov 150

Mio Moov 200

Mio Moov 210

Mio Moov 310

Mio Moov 330

Mio Moov 360

Mio Moov 370

Mio Moov 500

Mio Moov 510

Mio Moov 560

Mio Moov 580

Mio Moov M30

Mio Moov M300

Mio Moov M305

Mio Moov M350

Mio Moov M400

Mio Moov M405

Mio Moov M420

Mio Moov M450

Mio Moov Skoda

Mio Moov Spirit 300 Traffic (S305)

Mio Moov Spirit 500 HF Traffic (S555)

Mio Moov Spirit 500 Traffic (S505)

Mio Moov Spirit Flat (S568)

Mio Moov Spirit V505 TV

Mio Moov Spirit V735 TV

Navman Series

Mio Navman 370

Mio Navman 378

Mio Navman 470

Mio Navman 474

Mio Navman 475

Mio Navman 478

Mio Navman 479

Mio Navman 575

Mio Navman 579

Mio Navman M448

Mio Navman Spirit 500 HF Traffic

Mio Navman Spirit 300 Traffic

Mio Navman Spirit Flat

Mio Navman Spirit V505 TV

Spirit Series

Mio Spirit 370

Mio Spirit 380

Mio Spirit 470

Mio Spirit 475

Mio Spirit 480

Mio Spirit 485

Mio Spirit 575

Mio Spirit 685

Mio Spirit 687

Mio Spirit V505 TV

Mio Spirit V575 TV

Mio Spirit V735 TV

  • iTs Simple* === Charge On The Go ===
  • Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes fully charged
  • CE approved, ROHS Compliant Certification.
  • Compatible with all Mini USB devices
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