MINI USB In Car Bike Charger and Data Sync Cable for GPS TomTom Sat Nav – GO, GO LIVE, START, RIDER, XL IQR, XL, XXL, XXL IQR, ONE SERIES & all MINI USB devices CE Certified

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This MINI USB car charger has a compact design and a detachable cable, so you can leave it in your car at all times

The USB car charger has been specifically designed to charge devices with high power requirements faster than standard car chargers

USB car charger

MINI USB cable

Compatible with most USB devices, including Sat Navs, iPhone, iPod (all models) and mobile phones including BlackBerry

You will be buying the car charger and a GPS data sync charge

Cable Length is 150cm (1.5m)

Compatible with the following TomTom GPS Navigation Systems

TomTom Go 520
TomTom Go 530
TomTom Go 540
TomTom Go 550
TomTom Go 620
TomTom Go 630
TomTom Go 720
TomTom Go 730
TomTom Go 740
TomTom Go 750
TomTom Go 920
TomTom Go 930
TomTom Go 940
TomTom Go 950

TomTom ONE 30 Series
TomTom ONE IQR Edition
TomTom ONE New Edition (v2, v3)

TomTom ONE New Edition
TomTom ONE 3rd Edition
TomTom ONE Europe
TomTom ONE Regional
TomTom ONE Classic
TomTom ONE IQ Routes Europe
TomTom ONE IQ Routes Regional

TomTom RIDER (2013)
Rider Series
TomTom RIDER 2nd Ed
TomTom Rider Pro
TomTom Urban Rider

TomTom PRO 5150 Truck LIVE

TomTom Start
TomTom Start2

TomTom XL
TomTom XL IQR Edition
TomTom XL IQR Edition 2
TomTom XXL 540
TomTom XXL 550

  • ✔ CE CERTIFIED – 5V 1.2Amps. Compact design, Car Charger is Suitable for most mobile devices
  • ✔ RELIABLE – Supports 12-24V on your in car cigarette lighter slot
  • ✔ EASY TO USE – Charge your Sat Nav with this handy and reliable device for your TomTom. Plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter and charge the batteries of your TomTom and TomTom GPS receiver in your car
  • ✔ PREMIUM QUALITY – This car charger for TomTom Sat Navs have been specifically designed to charge devices with high power requirements faster than cheap standard car chargers. The cable has an angled connector for easy use with TomTom Sat Navs
  • ✔ COMPATIBLE TOMTOM DEVICES – GO 520, 530, 540, 550, 620, 630, 720, 730, 740, 750, 920, 930, 940, 950 – ONE 30 Series, ONE IQR Edition, ONE New Edition v2, v3, ONE XL, ONE New Edition, ONE 3rd Edition, ONE Europe, ONE Regional, ONE Classic, ONE IQ Routes Europe, ONE IQ Routes Regional, Rider Series, RIDER (2013), RIDER, RIDER 2nd Edition, Rider Pro, Urban Rider, PRO 5150 Truck LIVE, Start, Start2, XL, XL IQR Edition, XL IQR Edition 2, XL IQR LIVE, XXL 540, XXL 550