NEW! Royal Blue Underwater Audio Waterproof Swimbuds Bundle iPod

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Waterproof iPod Shuffle & Swimbuds Headphones Bundle

Motivation. Get in the water. Swim longer.
- Colorful, clip-and-go genuine Apple iPod shuffle- now WATERPROOF!
- Hassle-free extra-short cord Swimbuds waterproof Headphones

Waterproof iPod shuffle
Waterproof. Wearable. Compatible.
Underwater Audio created a pioneering process that uses multiple internal layers, resulting in the most robust waterproof player available. We take an original Apple iPod shuffle and use our process to make it impermeable, so an Underwater Audio iPod can truly go with you anywhere.

You’ll almost forget that this small, drag-free player is there. Clip to your rain jacket or swim cap and it stays put. Control your music with just a click of the wheel, using apple’s Voice Over¬†feature to navigate.

Since it’s a genuine iPod shuffle, this mp3 player is Mac-and PC-compatible, and its 2GB storage capacity holds hundreds of songs. Add that to 15 hours of battery life and the ability to create multiple playlists and it will be a long time ’til you need to come up for air.

Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones
Swimbuds. Flip Turns with no cords and no fuss
These headphones are designed for flip-turns and their extra-short cord never gets tangled or difficult to manage. Each headphones comes with 4 sizes of earbud tips to find your best fit. With Swimbuds headphones, you’ll spend more time swimming and less time adjusting.

Purchase includes
-Genuine Apple iPod shuffle (5th generation, 2GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio
- Original Apple USB cable and earbuds
- Full warranty on iPod against manufacturer’s defects
- Swimbuds waterproof short cord earbuds with 1 m extension cable and multiple sizes of earbud tips

Now, go enjoy the water!
Underwater Audio is not affiliated with Apple. We are an independent company specializing in waterproof solutions.

  • Bundle includes: Underwater Audio waterproof iPod + Swimbuds extra-short cord waterproof ear buds
  • Underwater Audio has the best swimming iPod in the industry. You’ll see low priced imitators (and their warranties) come and go, but our waterproof, corrosion-proof, and depth tested iPods pass the test of time. We do not crack open the case to apply waterproofing like some do. There are NO hidden care instructions to void the warranty.
  • Used and endorsed by professional swimmers and Olympic medalists.
  • Your Underwater Audio player starts life as a Genuine 2GB Apple iPod Shuffle; it is then waterproofed by Underwater Audio. It has 15 hrs of battery life, holds hundreds of songs, supports multiple playlists, and features the unique VoiceOver button. Mac and PC compatible.
  • Please protect yourself against scams and imitations! Our 2 year warranty only protects genuine Underwater Audio iPods
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