NFC tags – NTAG213 Chip – 10 Pack + Keychain + Free Bonus Tag – Android Writeable & Programmable – Adhesive Sticker Back – Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 Note 5 – HTC One First One X Droid DNA – Sony Xperia – Nexus – Smart Tags – Best Money-Back Guarantee!

Simplify Your Life With Our Gorgeous, Practical and High Capacity NFC Tags!

Colorful – Easily distinguish between tags with our gorgeous range of vivid colors.
Memory – 137 bytes of writeable memory.
Durable – Built with PVC, WhizTags are built to last.
Programmable – Capable of supporting a huge array of different functions. Change your mind? No problem, you can easily rewrite your NFC tags time and time again!
Water-resistant – Leave them outside or simply get them wet. They’ll stack up.
Lockable – Don’t want anybody else adding information to your NFC tags? No problem! You can permanently lock WhizTags! (Note: tags cannot be unlocked)
No battery required – Just tap and go!

Please note: – You may receive a product with a barcode that reads ‘NTAG203’. Please rest assured that we are only shipping NTAG213 chips. You can verify this yourself by download the NFC Tools app from the Google Play store here: Open the app and make sure ‘read’ is selected. Then place the NFC tag against your phone. It should read NTAG213. Alternatively, you can run this test with your favourite NFC writer app!

• Compatible with all NFC devices.
• Will not work on metal surfaces.

What’s Included:
• 10 PVC NFC WhizTags with 3M adhesive backing in our gorgeous assortment of colors.
• 1 FREE NFC Tag
• 1 FREE NFC keyring

Click ‘Add To Cart’ To Purchase The Best Looking, Most Durable and Highest Quality NFC Tags On Sale Today!

  • Fast write times!
  • Class-leading adhesive back that actually sticks.
  • Gorgeous design with a variety of colors. No flimsy, ugly and downright nasty sticker overlays!
  • Water resistant NFC Tags.
  • PVC construction – highly durable!

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