Replacement Remote Control for Eternity J323 (batteries included)

This Classic® remote control is a replacement which will operate ALL the functions of the original Eternity J323 remote (excluding reprogrammable buttons). It does not need any form of programming – just insert batteries and it is ready to use.

The Classic® range of remote controls has been a popular choice of the professional TV servicing industry across Europe for over a decade. Unlike more generic replacements, each individual Classic® remote control is custom-designed to operate EVERY function of the original remote that they replace. The case style itself has been designed for sturdiness and reliability, whilst the buttons and text are optimised for visibility and ease of use. To meet the demands of the servicing industry, the materials and components used within the remote are carefully specified to produce a thoroughly reliable product.

Usage notes: As a replacement for the Eternity J323 remote, the position of some buttons may be different to the original remote control. Where one Classic® remote control replaces a handful of original remote controls, some with more features than others, there may be one or two buttons which in some cases are redundant. This remote control is an economic, functional replacement (i.e. not a Eternity branded original remote control). Please view the product image to see the part which will be supplied.

  • Performs ALL fixed functions of the original remote (excluding reprogrammable buttons)
  • Dedicated replacement (not a generic “Universal”)
  • Works straight out of the box (just fit the supplied batteries)
  • No programming or setup required
  • 12 month guarantee

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