Reshow USB Cassette/Tape Player Converter Convert to MP3 into USB Flash Drive

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Reshow cassette converter/player with tiny & exquisite look. Lightweight and portable. Wonderful memories always worth to recall. What a pity if you throw away the things past which are carrying the most precious. With this amazing invention, you can convert all the tapes into MP3 and store them into thumb drive, MP3 Player or any other digital device. What are you still waiting for? Now give a chance to awaken your precious memories. 


  • Please check that if you use battery power, you should turn the switch (top of the cassette player) to AA side, same as USB power. Tips: if the battery is low, that the LED green light would be solid which can’t record. 
  • Then, make sure that you’ve connected thumb drive to the cassette player. It would not record unless connecting thumb drive.

  • Please keep a distance from modem, router and other devices’ wireless signal source during converting for better sound.
  • If there be some problems with mp3 quality, please refer to the user manual, bullet point and notice.


  • Speed of converting can’t be adjusted, same as the speed of playing tape. 
  • Auto mode: press the up down button till the LED light turn blue. It needs some interval times between two songs for automatically detect. 
  • Sound quality: depends on the audio source. If the music level of tapes is low, that the mp3 of converting from it will be not good either. 
  • The item has no built-in speaker, except attached earphone. 
  • Battery, cassette/tape and thumb drive are not included.


  • Converter format: MP3 
  • Working time: 1 hour with 2*AA battery 
  • Audio channel: Stereo L/R 
  • Bit Rate: 128Kbps

Package include: 

  • 1 x Cassette tape to mp3 USB flash drive converter 
  • 1 x USB cable

  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 1 x Earphone 
  • CONVERTS TAPE TO MP3 – Converts cassettes/tapes into thumb drive to be MP3 audio file directly without computers or any other devices.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & PORTABLE – Supports playback and check the recorded audio on the device. Small pocket size, user can record and convert it anywhere.
  • STANDARD WALKMAN USE – It can be used as walkman, playing the tapes or MP3 of thumb drive without converting. 3.5mm AUX jack enables you to listen with your stereos, headphones, or other speaker system.
  • POWER SUPPLY – 2 AA batteries, or 5V DC USB power.
  • BIG TIPS – It may cause some problems with NTFS format of thumb drive, such as “slow” or “skip” etc. Recommend the format of FAT32. Please contact thumb drive to cassette converter by composite cable (package includes), or it will be some static in MP3.
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