Silver Case for iPhone 6, Silver Ultra Slim Matte Complete Protection Case and Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Cover [4.7″][Silver]

This Case is designed to provice all arround protection to your iPhone 6, and is made of a high quality, high durability tough plastic. This case has a quality feel and provides excellent grip, standing out from the crowd with a new look for your mobile phone. The metalic like paint like pain gives teh case an iPhone like metal texture and feel, but does not affect the signal strength. The case is only 0.9mm thick and is designed to provide all arround protection. The new sensetive button design allows the case to protect the puwer and volume buttons whilst giving easy access to the buttons without making them harder to press. Easy installation, perfectly fitting whilst keeping all the accessibility of ports and buttons. The case comes in 3 parts. first clip on the back, then clip on the top and bottom pieces. The case also comes with a standard screen protector to give protection to the glass The case is finished with a rubber coat and a vibrant color, to prove additional quality feel and look to your device.

  • Secure snaps-on design with a rubber coated matte finish
  • Complete protection, back cover, sides, top and bottom
  • No bulk, with ultra slim form fitting design
  • Precise Openings to all connections and controls
  • Perfect Fit, Smart and intelligent design allow you to plug the charger, and access all iPhone 6S features without removing the case.

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