Sony CASSETTE TCM-939 BLK – cassette players (Black, AM-3 (LR 06), 144 x 237 x 60 mm)

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The Sony TCM-939 is a much sought-after, high quality table-top compact tape recorder with built-in microphone and speaker, that is highly portable with its retractable handle for easy carrying, and battery operation for on the go,. Its features are built-in microphone, loud speaker, earphone and microphone jack, one-way playback, tape counter and automatic shut off to name a few. Sony TCM-939 supports one way playback with 4.8 cm/sec tape speed. It supports 2-track 1 channel monaural recording system. It is equipped with auto shut-off mechanism that releases all locked buttons automatically at the end of the tape. It offers three digit tape counter for indexing the tape contents. The buttons located at the front of the device are record, play, pause, fast forward, rewind and stop. The volume control is located at the side of the device. It is also equipped with microphone input jack and earphone input jack for external microphone and headphone. The battery life is approximately 9 hours in playback mode and 8.5 hours in recording mode. It can be powered up by 4 AA type batteries or 6V DC input. The standard package comes with an AC adapter. It measures 144 x 237 x 60 mm in dimensions and weighs approximately 745g.

  • Mains and battery operated
  • Built-in Microphone, Built in loud speaker
  • Record, Fast Forward and Rewind – with Cue/Review function
  • Compact and portable. Retractable handle for easy carrying
  • Tape counter, LED battery indicator
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