Sony MHC-GT4D Three-Way Setting High Power Audio System

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Enjoy an immersive soundstage that pulls you into the heart of the action. With a mega bass feature that adds some serious low-end power to your music. It works by reinforcing basslines to create a more powerful sound. Pump up the atmosphere with a club-like speaker illuminations, lights are directed through a lens to spread a wide pattern in either dots or lines. If you download the fiestable app you can control the light effect and patterns on your device and watch them sync to the beat of the music to give you a club-style dance floor at home. Connect the sound system to your TV and enjoy the benefits of great sound quality from TV programmes, if you select the football mode you the sound system will make it as real as possible making it feel like you’re sitting in the crowd. For a bit of fun you can select over to the karaoke mode and plug in two microphones and enjoy a sing along with a friend, you can even turn down the voice on a CD you put in and sing over the top it. There are so many ways to enjoy music through the MHCGT4D CD player, FM/AM radio, USB port and Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

  • Bring home the bass. Add impact to all your music with high power and soul shaking bass
  • Convenient 3-way setting for multi-function. Line array for party place or table top and bar style perfect for movies.
  • Customise your party with gesture control
  • Playback for multiple sources. Bluetooth and NFC for simple one touch connectivity. Including CD and DVD playback, and FM radio.
  • Easy TV connection with HDMI
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