Sony SRSX88 Hi-Res Audio Multiroom Speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – Black

body { font-family: Verdana Geneva sans-serif; font-size:11px } td { font-family: Verdana Geneva sans-serif; font-size:11px } High-Resolution Audio From source to speaker Sony has united an array of technologies for the ultimate audio experience. For High-Resolution Audio files the digital amp and specialised tweeters reproduce every subtlety so you can hear each note as the artist intended. For MP3s digital processing software upscales compressed music to restore lost detail. 2.1 Channel System for Powerful Audio Get 90W of powerful sound from a 2.1ch speaker system. Two mid-range magnetic fluid speakers deliver pure crisp vocals and complex melodies supported by Wide Dispersion Super Tweeters which produce soaring highs and a wide soundstage. A powerful woofer works with passive radiators for resounding bass. So you can enjoy your music in clear powerful audio whatever the volume. Boost Your Bass with a 69mm Subwoofer and Dual Passive Radiators Get big bass lines from a compact speaker. Dual passive radiators work with a 69mm subwoofer and react to the movement of air through the speaker artificially creating space in the speaker cabinet. This space allows more air to flow through the speakers enabling even smaller units to deliver superior sound — especially at low-end frequencies. 40mm Magnetic Fluid Speakers: clearer more powerful sound By eliminating conventional speaker dampers and replacing them with 40mm magnetic fluid speaker technology noise and distortion are significantly reduced creating clearer more powerful audio than ever before. Originally developed for NASA magnetic fluid technology lets you fit great-sounding more efficient speakers in a smaller space – ideal for compact premium speakers. 20mm Super Tweeters The SRS-X88 is equipped with two soft dome type 20mm Super Tweeter for reproduction of undistorted clear high-frequencies. They complement the high-band energy of High-Resolution Audio regardless of speaker position. S-Master HX Digital Amp

  • High-Resolution Audio compatible
  • DSEE HX upscales your music to near High-Resolution Audio quality
  • S-Master HX digital amplifier for pure sound quality
  • 5 speakers (2 magnetic fluid), 5 amplifiers
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch

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