Symphonized Sensation Premium Wireless Genuine Wood Headphones (Walnut)

With its unique acoustical properties, wood provides the best sound reproduction there is, which is why most high-end speakers and many musical instruments are made of wood, not to mention the interiors of concert halls. This is also exactly why we handcraft our Symphonized wireless headphones from real wood. Our Sensation bluetooth headphones are carefully handmade from the best pieces of wood available to bring out top-quality acoustics and surround you with energizing and high-fidelity sound. With its superior strength and durability, excellent noise isolation, high-end quality sound, and strong bass, Symphonized wireless headphones are perfect for your listening pleasure. Symphonized Sensation bluetooth headphones work with all digital devices, including the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Our wireless headphones will also answer and end your calls, activate Voice Control, and skip songs, adjust volume with the sleek build-in microphone. Luxuriously padded ear cushions are specifically designed for our Symphonized headphones to provide maximum comfort and noise isolation. Our headphones come with a 1-year warranty! Choose Symphonized natural wood headphones for your listening pleasure, and we’re sure you’ll never go back to plastic headphones.

  • Symphonized wireless noise isolating headphones are handcrafted from real wood
  • Sensation Bluetooth wireless headphones have 9 hours music play time and exceptional audio quality
  • Luxuriously padded ear cushions are specifically designed for Sensation wireless headphones for maximum comfort and noise isolation
  • Our wireless headphones come with a spare cord and a charging cord. Sensation wireless headphones answer or end calls, activate Voice Control, skip tracks, and change volume
  • With the sleek design and high-end sound quality, Symphonized Sensation wireless headphones are made for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices (as long as they have Bluetooth function)

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