Description : • Built-in 4G memory, comes with waterproof earphones • Menu / Play / Forward / Previous / Power buttons for easy operation • Excellent waterproof performance complying with International Standard IPX8 • USB file transfer...

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WEAKNESSES OF MOST EAR TIPS ✗ Pressing and uncomfortable ✗ Wear down quickly despite "premium quality" ✗ Reduced sound quality ✗ Fall out repeatedly INAIRS NEXT GENERATION ✔ 40% more robust against abrasion ✔ Hardly...

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These are the ideal headphones for your MP3 MP4 player. Excellent fit and quality, shaped for maximum comfort. You will never be disappointed by these earphones. Sound Isolating design that suppresses environmental noise without relying on...

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Overview: Rediscover those old songs with USB Cassette Player by turning your tapes into MP3's to use on your computer, iPod or in the car! USB Cassette Player is a portable, handheld USB tape player that works with all kinds of tapes. It has an...

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Introducing the Retro Series Personal Walkman Cassette Player with Earphones Go back to basics with this Personal Cassette Player and give yourself an excuse to the old tapes down from the attic. This Personal Cassette Player will let you listen...

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Enjoy hand-free communication by chatting on your phone or listening to music in comfort when driving, working or exercising. Ergonomically-shaped in-ear plugs and ear loops brings comfortable and relaxed feeling even after long-time wearing....

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