Compatible with: HTC Bass, Bliss, Bunyip HTC Desire U, Desire V, Desire VC, Desire X HTC Eternity HTC Proto HTC Rhyme, Runnymede HTC Sensation XL HTC Titan, Titan II HTC PM66100 HTC T327D, T327T, T327W, T328d, T328e, T328T, T328W, T329D, T329T,...

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About PATONA Technologies: PATONA Technologies offers first class lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The combination of maximum power and long-lasting capacity with the idea of sustainability as well as environmental protection is a...

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With this compact and light retractable cable by Keple, you will be able to recharge your Samsung phone in total freedom as long as you have your PC/laptop nearby. Connect one end to your device and the USB end to PC /laptop or any oter device...

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This Classic® remote control is a replacement which will operate ALL the functions of the original Eternity J323 remote (excluding reprogrammable buttons). It does not need any form of programming - just insert batteries and it is ready to...

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