TECHGEAR® [Stellar (10)] Universal Case for Bush Tablets with 10 inch Screen – Bush MyTablet 10, Bush Eluma B1 – Protective Case with Viewing Stand (BLACK)

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Universal case to fit All Tablets with 9.7-10.5 inch screens (Screen size is measured diagonally)

This Case has been designed specifically by TECHGEAR Solutions to offer protection for tablets with approx 10 screen (The screen size is measure diagonally). If your tablet is advertised as having a 9.7. 10. 10.1 or 10.5 inch screen then this case will hold it.

This case offers good protection, a multi-angle stand and a firm grip of your tablet.

Your tablet is held inside securely using 4 grips which are elasticated, ensuring a tight hold. The grips can be moved to the side once the tablet is inserted, however holding the tablets from the 4 corners is the preferred method.

Tablet fitting method:

Please install your tablet starting from 1 corner, then the corner nearest to the 1st corner, lastly the 2 corners on the opposite side, whilst holding onto the tablet. Please pull the elastic straps gently, as they are made to have enough elasticity to allow the grips to hold your tablet. Please do not try and pull them further than the size of the case.

Please note; This case is being sold as a universal case, hence there are no cut-outs in the back of the case to allow for use of any back camera your tablet may have. There are no speaker holes in the back of the case either.

  • Designed & Produced by TECHGEAR Solutions for the Tablets that are advertised as having 9.7″ to 10.5″ screens
  • Made From High Quality Synthetic Leather Material, with soft lining and a magnetic clasp helping to keep the case closed. Helps to provide protection to your tablet gainst shock, damage, and scratches.
  • Built in Viewing stand, with 2 stand positions
  • Provides perfect protection to your device gainst shock, damage, dust and scratches.
  • This universal case holds virtually all 10″ screen tablets. Specially designed grips hold your tablet securely from 4 sides. They can be moved to allow access to buttons and front facing camera.