UO Smart Beam Laser

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Are you tired of adjusting focus and carrying screens with you? Now you DO NOT HAVE to do all again. UO Smart Beam is the answer. UO Smart Beam Laser is using Laser technology. It means UO Smart Beam Laser has a focus free feature which you do not have to adjust a focus and it will be stayed focused all the TIME. UO smart Beam Laser is registered on FDA. This is harmless on human eyes. Do NOT worry about getting hurt on your eyes. Anywhere can by screen even on the ceiling. UO Beam Laser can be used with any Android and iOs devices WIRELESS. This is the first pico laser projector which you can use with iOs devices wireless. With Laser technology, you will enjoy crispy images all the time. UO Smart Beam Laser has internal battery and speaker. You can use up to 2 hours if it is fully charged or more with power. Do not carry speakers separate. Enjoy UO Smart Beam Laser Bundle package which includes cradle, mini-tripod, Micro HDMI cable and 2 pouches. * KDC is an exclusive and authorized Distributor for UO Smart Beam Laser in Northern America. There are only few authorized on Amazon. They are UO Beam Laser Projector, HSM Online, and PXL Cube. If you have any questions, please contact us thru Amazon or info@kdcusa.com.

  • NO MORE FOCUS: The Best LCOS Laser Engine. You will not adjust focus again. People can enjoy any contents from Android/iOs devies anyhwere on materials inclusing balloons, beach sands and etc..
  • No HARM on EYES. UO Smart Beam Laser is using Class I Non-Hazard Laser Light. This is harmless on human eyes.
  • NO MORE SCREENS. With Laser technology, there is no reduction of light. It does not matter that screen is curved or any shapes. You can enoy same quality of images which project from your device.
  • Any Time! Any Place! Any Surface! Focus Free because it is LASER!
  • Enjoy UO Smart Beam Laser with any Android and iOs devices WIRELESS!!
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