USB PC/Computer Data Cable – Mini USB Charge and Sync Lead for GPS / Sat Nav Devices – Mio Moov | Navman | Spirit | Series (See Description for Compatible Devices)

419HEP1nNAL ###

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With a 10 year no quibble manufacturers warranty, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Need to update your GPS Device with the latest maps or information? Or do you just simply want to charge it from your computer. Well then look no further than this data-sync/charge cable for Mio GPS Devices that support a Mini USB port.

Compatible with all Mini USB devices, not only is it the perfect addition to your GPS Device, but also to devices such as your Mobile phone, camera and even some MP3 Players.

Compatible with:

Moov Series
Mio Moov 150
Mio Moov 200
Mio Moov 210
Mio Moov 310
Mio Moov 330
Mio Moov 360
Mio Moov 370
Mio Moov 500
Mio Moov 510
Mio Moov 560
Mio Moov 580
Mio Moov M30
Mio Moov M300
Mio Moov M305
Mio Moov M350
Mio Moov M400
Mio Moov M405
Mio Moov M420
Mio Moov M450
Mio Moov Skoda
Mio Moov Spirit 300 Traffic (S305)
Mio Moov Spirit 500 HF Traffic (S555)
Mio Moov Spirit 500 Traffic (S505)
Mio Moov Spirit Flat (S568)
Mio Moov Spirit V505 TV
Mio Moov Spirit V735 TV

Navman Series
Mio Navman 370
Mio Navman 378
Mio Navman 470
Mio Navman 474
Mio Navman 475
Mio Navman 478
Mio Navman 479
Mio Navman 575
Mio Navman 579
Mio Navman M448
Mio Navman Spirit 500 HF Traffic
Mio Navman Spirit 300 Traffic
Mio Navman Spirit Flat
Mio Navman Spirit V505 TV

Spirit Series
Mio Spirit 370
Mio Spirit 380
Mio Spirit 470
Mio Spirit 475
Mio Spirit 480
Mio Spirit 485
Mio Spirit 575
Mio Spirit 685
Mio Spirit 687
Mio Spirit V505 TV
Mio Spirit V575 TV
Mio Spirit V735 TV

  • 10 Year No Quibble Manufacturers Warranty
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Colour: Black
  • CE Approved
  • Sync and charge your device with this Mini USB cable.