Virtual Reality Adjustable 3D Headset for Smartphones + Remote Control – Black

Turn your smartphone in the ultimate Virtual Reality device with this VR headset and enjoy immersive VR games and content anytime, anywhere

Peer Into the Future
Immerse your senses in a world of virtual reality and experience the next generation of entertainment, now. From the moment you put the VR02 headset on, youll instantly be transported into a world of limitless possibilities with access to a huge range of VR movies, games and content on offer.

A New World of Content
Surround your senses with the VR02 headset and enjoy YouTube, VR and movies like never before. Its like having your own portable IMAX theater. Best of all, you can enjoy everything as if youre watching it on the big screen. You could be sat on the sofa watching a film on the headset listening via headphones and itll almost feel like your own personal movie screening – while your partner is watching TV beside you. Shear bliss!

The headset lets you enjoy certain games and movies in a whole new way by using your head movements to explore, aim, and interact with the 360° surroundings. Theses VR headsets are perfect for FPS games and racing games, simulators, virtual tours and stunning movie experiences.

Control and Convenience
To enhance your VR experience the headset comes supplied with a Bluetooth remote control gamepad. It allows you to play games, take pictures, playback movies, access in-game content features, all without having ever to remove and use your smartphone.

Premium Design
The VR02 is a high quality VR headset thats super comfy to wear thanks to the padded foam cushioning and clever range of adjustable features, so you can enjoy VR for long periods without any discomfort. The headset is fitted with thumbwheels for you to adjust the lens position and focus, allowing others to enjoy the same amazing VR experience on the one device.

The vi

  • Immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality wherever you want with this VR headset and your smartphone! Enjoy an incredible world of VR content including FPS and racing games, films, videos and exploration
  • Adjustable lenses for perfect clarity and adjustable headset for a comfortable and secure fit for every user
  • Front panel folds down, allowing you to quickly and securely connect your smartphone and start the VR experience
  • Front panel is connected magnetically and can be removed to reveal your smartphone camera, making augmented reality possible
  • Free remote control connects to your device for quick and easy navigation through VR content and music

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