Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier & 4x (2x Pair) 100W Wall Mounted Corner/Satellite Compact Black Speakers KIT – HiFi Amp System – Stream Background Music Home Stereo – CableFinder

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Overview Amp:

Our great value amplifier & speaker kit allows you to have wirelessly controlled speakers that you can stream music to via Bluetooth. This kit includes everything that you need to get this set-up and it is very easy to install. We have tested this kit thoroughly and it is truly impressive how good the sound quality that the amp and speakers produce.

Our Bluetooth speaker kit can be linked to any smart phone / tablet / device that has Bluetooth and any music played will be streamed through the compact amplifier (the volume can be controlled remotely too). Perfect for a variety of uses as this amplifier can be hidden above kitchen units, in ceiling voids (make sure ventilated and accessible). Once set up and the power is connected, you don’t need to touch it again to play music wirelessly.

Only one of these amplifiers can be connected to your smartphone / Bluetooth device at once.

Overview Speakers

These compact and discreet satellite speakers have a swiveling fixture in the centre of the enclosure, allowing the top and bottom halves to be rotated either way, providing greater dispersal of the sound.

These speakers are 8 ohm, up to 2 sets can be be run in parallel with the amplifier and the resistance will still be within the limits of the amplifier (4 ohms).

Technical Specification


2-Way Speakers – 2 x 3″ Drivers (per enclosure)
Spring Clip Terminals
Max Power – 100w
Power RMS – 50w
Frequency Response – 200Hz-15kHz
Impedance – 8 ohms

Dimensions and weight

Height 200mm, Width 100mm, Depth 100mm
Weight – 1250g per speaker


Bluetooth Version 4.0 – Distance 10m Minimum
Depth (mm): 41
Height (mm): 27
Width (mm): 118
Net weight (kg): 0.128
Frequency Response (Hz): 80-18000
Power Input: 12V
Power RMS (W) @ 4 Ohms: 2 x 15

  • Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier & 4 Satellite Speakers Kit
  • What’s Included? 1x Bluetooth Amplifier – 4x 100W Satellite Speakers – 4x 2m speaker cable – 1x UK power supply (12V 2A) – 1x instruction manual
  • Construction – Housed in a rugged ABS casing with a subtle mesh grille, these speakers should suit most environments. Each enclosure contains a good quality 7.5cm (3″) speaker cone.
  • There is a mounting bracket on the back of each speaker (as seen in the picture on the left) to securely position each speaker where it needs to be.
  • The amp also features mounting holes so can be screwed into place wherever is convenient.