WuLuming New Replacement Bluetooth USB Wireless Sync Dongle Compatible with Fitbit Flex/Force/One/Charge/Surge/Charge HR Activity Trackers

Syncs your fitbit activity tracker to your online account.

What Includes:

1 x Wireless USB Dongle for the Fitbit One, Flex, Force, Charge,charge HR, surge.

A cover to protect the USB plug. Convienient for traveling with a little USB when

leaving the original one at home or office.

Please remeber to download the fibit app before plug it into the computer.

Note that only within 1 meter can the dongle better sync with your fitbit.

Can we synchronize our fitness data wirelessly?

The answer is YES!

How does this dongle work:

Download fitbit app at first——Then open the dongle—–open the app you`ve

downloaded—-operate in steps according to the instruction.

Next time when you synchronize, just open the dongle first(don`t need to search

again), and the second step is opening the fitbit app, data can be automatically synchronized.

Don`t worry, your fitbit will remind you when you forget to open the dongle.

To save battery for your phone, close the dongle whenever you don`t synchronize.

  • 100% new and high quality.
  • A replacement for the fitbit cable; bluetooth USB
  • Compatible with Fitbit One, Flex, Force, Charge, Charge HR, Surge activity trackers. Newly upgrate to compatible with Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Alta.( Note that only within 1 meter can the dongle better sync with your fitbit).
  • please note that this item does NOT FIT for fitbit ZIP model.
  • Plugs into USB port and sync with your fitbit within 100 centimeters.

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