XINSTAR Digital Voice Recorder Watch, MP3 players and USB Rechargeable Spy Voice Recorder,LED Screen With Time Display for Lectures, Meetings, Classes, Conversations,Christmas Gift (Standard)

Compared to our MK1 digital voice recorder, XINSTAR Digital Voice Recorder Watch has a new time display and a super comfortable band, providing convenience for your job and your daily life.

It is an ideal gift for Students, Writers and Teachers alike.

Enjoy yourself anytime when you are wearing XINSTAR Digital Voice Recorder Watch to instantly play your music with your own MP3s.

How to record

Push switch to “ON” (making sure your headphones are disconnected) to enter into the recording mode.
The screen will illuminate to inform you when the recording has started.
To ensure it’s still recording you can press the button on the upper right, as long as the time shows the watch is still recording.
To save the sound recording switch to “OFF” and the screen will illuminate letting you know the file length and then power down.

How to switch between MP3 or Audio Recording Insert earphones, push switch to “ON”,It will start in MP3 function, to switch to sound recording or back simply press the “M” button to select the relevant mode.
If you want to move to next or last files or tracks, just press “+” or “-” button to switch .

How to set time and change language

Press and hold “+” and “-” for a few seconds simultaneously to enter into the system menu.
Under the system menu use “+” and “-” for selecting; press “M” to enter and exit; hold “M” for a few seconds to exit the menu.

Package Included

Recorder watch
1 x USB cable
1 x Earphone
1 x UK manual

Notes: 1.How to make files timestamped:
Once the watch is plugged into your PC and it loads inside you will find an app folder entitled “SETTIME” click on that to sync time from your PC to your watch.

  • MANAGE TIME ISSUES – Seldom seen is a recorder that has a time display. With the time display function this digital voice recorder watch helps keep your time free in order to enjoy your work and not to lose track of time or have to continuously check the clock or your phone,NOTE: Time display only when you turn it on the recorder,but there is option you could remain the time when you reset the model)
  • HIGH 8GB MEMORY CAPACITY – Can load many files that you need! his digital voice recorder watch has a large 8GB of capacity and is super easy to transfer. It records up to 96 hours of 192 KBPS/48 KHZ audio in a time stamped convenient to record data compilation.
  • SPY RECORDER – Can be used discreetly as spy recorder. If you do not want people to know you are recording, then this recorder is a must have! Looking like a normal digital watch, recording can be stopped or started almost undetectable allowing you to record covertly.
  • FAST FORWARD AND REWIND FUNCTION – This digital voice recorder watch is the on the go solution for you, you can select any segments of recorded files and music that you want instantly and directly from the watch.
  • APPLICABLE AND FLEXIBLE IN SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Ready to go? This 8GB voice recorder watch is great for on the go, in work meetings or even when out shopping. It’s there on your wrist anytime you need to instantly record audio, such as meetings, classes, interviews or even concerts and sporting events. With its advanced noise reduction, you’re sure to record only what you want to hear, and not all the background sounds as well.

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